Unique Water treatment solution

Platex®India Unique Water solutions is Anti scaling & descaling mechanical equipment and can be installed in Domestic, Agriculture & Industrial application before the heat Exchangers. Condensers, chilling plants, boilers, humidification plants to avoid scale formation in this equipment & it helps in descaling in pipes if scales already exist. IMPULSE WITH ELECTROLYSIS technology makes it more competitive to make the water cohesive & results in to scale removal in.

What is Hardness in Water?

Scaling, which is the deposition of mineral solids on the interior surfaces of water lines and containers, most often occurs when water containing the carbonates or bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium is heated.

Adhesiveness properties the formation of scaling to increase the temperature in every re-circulation and friction of the pump. The precipitation of a crystalline substance from a solution onto the site of scale formation requires three simultaneous factors: super saturation, nucleation, and adequate contact time.


“CLEAR WATER” Turbulence of the water passing through a specially designed impulse electrolysis chamber and The creation of a small electrical field around the chamber casing. This combination causes a separation of the mineral particles in the water, which changes their behavior. Particles, which were previously attracted to each other now repel and separate into smaller individual particles. This allows the “separated” mineral particles and salts to flow through the system with minimal interference. Corrosive gases are released during conditioning and move through the water as harmless bubbles. They are expelled into the atmosphere when water leaves the tap. To put it simply, the CLEAR WATER Conditioner eliminates the cohesion that exists between the mineral particles in the water.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to improve the quality of water for everyone in the most convenient and affordable way possible. CLEAR WATER SOLUTIONS is promoted by a team with extensive and relevant experience in the field of electronics, water analysis, and agriculture, we offer a practical, no-nonsense solution to the stubborn problem of Hardness in Water whether it is for domestic, commercial, industrial, or agricultural use. At CLEAR WATER, all our products are backed by rigorous research and field validation resulting in products and services that are cost-effective, technologically advanced, and maintenance-free providing soft water that is good for use saves your machinery, and high yields in farming


Domestic Advantage:

  • Improves the quality of domestic water supplies
  • The water feels softer as water turbidity is reduced
  • Shiny taps, faucets, and bath fittings
  • Shiny spot-free sanitary
  • Clean bathtubs with less scrubbing
  • All together happy bathing experience with better soap lather
  • Brighter and glowing skin
  • No more salt stains on dishes
  • Sparkling dishes with less cleaning powder
  • No more dull and yellow finish on clothes
  • Shiny laundry with less detergent
  • No more scale forming in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • No more scaling in geysers-more life and save in electricity
  • More efficient solar water heaters
  • No spot and no scales in car and bike cleaning
  • No more scaly air conditioner water outlet pipes

Industry Advantage:

  • Increased life of machinery
  • No more hard water problem
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increases potential of machinery
  • Better life of valves and other fitments
  • Maintain the temperature, flow increases.
  • Compounds like traditional water softeners
  • No more frequent de-scaling and cleaning of equipment
  • Better saving on fuels (up to 30% saving in fuel consumption)
  • In simple words better, efficient, and cost-effective production
  • Improves performance and life of RO membrane were ever used.
  • Reduces cost of production of RO water, process water ordemineralized water
  • Better efficiency of water in the process as well as in reaction where ever applicable

Agricultural Advantage:

  • Treated water is safe for plants
  • Improved (P.H.) stability in the water.
  • Less chemicals and fertilizers, Prevents scales in Nozzles.
  • Reduction in scaling causing improved natural bacterial resistance
  • improved Photosynthesis and nutrient intake, Reduction in scale allowing for better water flow threw out the entire irrigation system.
  • Treated water prevents calcium clogging plant roots ensuring plants remain capable of maintaining efficient absorption of water and nutrients

Antioxidant Alkaline & Ionizer Water:

  • Weight Loss
  • Hydration
  • Liver Health
  • Digestive Health
  • Detoxification
  • Brain Health
  • Bone Health
  • pH Balance
  • Cholesterol Balance
  • Energy Levels
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