Spiral Heat Exchanger

Solvent Condenser

  • Key equipment for recovering expensive solvents from reactors
  • Platex®India SHELIX offers compact & optimized design for atmospheric & vacuum duties with maximum solvent recovery
  • Platex®India offers highly efficient spiral condensers to be used as primary/Secondary & Vent Condensers in API/ Bulk Drug Industries
  • Special applications like reboiler & Full/Partial evaporation are available

Reactor Mass Cooling With Platex®India Spiral Heat Exchanger

Reactor Capacity 1.5KL

  • Synthetic Oil is in closed Circuit used to cool the reactor mass.
  • Synthetic Oil to be cooled down from 220°C to 40°C in two stages.
  • Stage 1: To be cooled down of 220°C Oil to 80°C using 70°C Water.
  • Heat Load – 150,000 Kcal/h (max) Batch Time – 45 min
  • Stage 2: To be cooled down of 80°C Oil to 40°C using 25°C Water.
  • Heat Load – 35,000 Kcal/h (max) Batch Time – 30 min

Typical Pharmaceutical Application For Solvent Recovery


  • Sturdy & Compact design for both, atmospheric & vacuum duty
  • Above 95% solvent recovery compared to a conventional HE
  • Single Pass flow avoids clogging on utility side
  • Easy installation & operation
  • Smaller foot print reduces heavy structure for support compared to conventional HE
  • Eliminates use of expensive utility due to close temperature approach.
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