• PLATEX* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers use Corrugated tube instead of smooth tubes.
  • The Corrugation are produced by indenting the tube along the length in a helical pattern with the use of a special purpose machine designed for corrugation of the tube without thinning of wall or development of stress in the tube.
  • The helical pattern of tube corrugation and the optimal depth of the indentation causes a two-regime flow in the tube side fluid, spiral at core and eddies at periphery creating turbulence even at lower velocity results in higher heat transfer coefficient and higher Reynolds Number.
  • Apart from Conventional Industrial Applications Corrugated are Ideal for other process industries where media is highly viscous , fibrous and in the form of large particles, even up to 50 mm.
  • Our Corrugated tube have optimized these to provide the best design in terms of Heat Transfer Area, Pressure drop, Heat Transfer Coefficient fouling, etc. for the particular application.
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