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20 Years of Experience in Heat Exchangers and Allied Products

Platex India is a proprietary firm established in 2018 by professional with more than 20 years of experience in heat exchangers and allied products.

In a very short period, Platex is being one of the prominent brand in the heat exchanger market due to its cost effective, quick and reliable service support.

Our Products

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. Heat exchangers are used in both cooling & heating processes. The fluids may be separated by a solid wall to prevent mixing or they may be in direct contact. They are widely used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sugar Dairy, Distillery, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Power Plant, Petrochemical sewage treatment, etc. Platex is involved in design, manufacturing & supply of  all types of Heat exchangers like PHE, STHE, Spiral etc.

Single Fluid Healing & Cooling System

Platex® Manufactures (SFHC) Signal fluid heating cooling system which is normally connected to a single reactor, where the Temperature of the system is varied as per the process requirement & maintaining the constant temperature difference between the process & fluid temperature is key of SFHC. PLATEX® SFHC can operate jacketed reactors over wide temperature ranges – sometimes to far below freezing, or as high as 370°C.

CIP System

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are automated systems used to clean the interior surfaces of Heat Exchangers, process pipes, vessels, tanks, spiral freezers, mixers, blenders, homogenizers, rosters & associated fittings, without disassembling the equipment. Lower operating cost and less cleaning time are the main advantages of the system. Platex® has designed  customized CIP systems & installed more than 150+ Requted customers.

Evaporation Condenser

An evaporative condenser is combination of Cooling Tower & Condenser which is used to remove excess heat from a cooling (Refrigeration) system when the heat can’t be utilized for other purposes. Platex has wide range of customized designs for evaporative condenser starting from 80TR to 1000TR range. Platex has installed 48+ Evaporative condensers with yearly service contract.

Bulk Milk Cooler

Bulk milk cooling tank, also known as a bulk tank or milk cooler, consists of an inner and an outer tank, both made of high quality stainless steel. The space between the outer tank & the inner tank is isolated with polurethane foam. The  cooling process involves removing heat from milk by using chilled, water, glycol & or refrigeration system. Platex is expert in manufacturing of BMC with more than 2000+ installations.  

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

A closed-circuit cooling tower or dry cooling tower, involves no contact between the air / water & process fluid being cooled. Two separate fluid circuits makes this unique system. Platex has developed CLCT with two different cooling techniques i.e. latent and sensible cooling.

Effluent Treatment Plant (Small Scale-Single effect)

A Conventional evaporation is headed steam which condenses & transmits heat energy to the solution to be evaporated. As this solution boils it in turn releases vapor which may: Either be condensed in a condenser, in which case the process is known as “single effect” evaporation.

Platex ha installed coil based single effect evaporation system for 500LPH, 700LPH, 900LPH for small scale effluent fluid processing

Pasterurizer Skids

Platx is expert in designing, manufacturing & supplying most efficient Pasteurizer Skids using Plate Heat Exchanger with a Heating. Cooling & regeneration Sections. The PHE Plates are of Stainless Steel 316L & a SS304 cladded frame. Skids are customized with separator & Homogenizer too. Platex® has supplied 30+ systems & are running with fullest capacity. Platex® has given add-on solution of Quarterly servicing of Pasteurizer on site.

Hot Water Generation System

Platex HWS is  used to heat the water indirectly by steam & most efficient way for instant hot water generation for process industries, compact, preassembled skids designed with PHE / STHE or a combination of heat exchangers as best suited to the process. Platex hot water systems are essential for pharmaceutical, chemical, textile plants, breweries, sugar refineries, food processing, HVAC, hotels, hospitals and more industries.

Unique water treatment solution (Mechanical system for scale removal)

Platex® Unique Water solutions is Anti scaling & descaling mechanical equipment and can be installed in Domestic, Agriculture & Industrial application before the heat Exchangers. Condensers, chilling plants, boilers, humidification plants to avoid scale formation in this equipment & it helps in descaling in pipes if scales already exist. IMPULSE WITH ELECTROLYSIS technology makes it more competitive to make the water cohesive & results in to scale removal in


Platex® has got a team of experienced professionals, who can repair heat exchangers at site & Well equipped factory of Platex® is ready for refurbishment of heat Exchangers.

→  On site servicing of Heat Exchangers

→  Refurbishment of All types of Heat Exchangers at our factory

→  Annual Maintenance contracts for all the Heat Exchangers in Plant with Spares inventory in Platex® Scope

→  Condenser/Evaporator cleaning

→  Retubing of Shell & Tube and Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

→  Tube Bundle replacement

→  Field auding for Thermal efficiency

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