1.Direct Drive Axial Flow Fan

      Carbon fiber blade, hot dip galvanized casting, high air flow Rate, low noise, efficiency.


2.Super Gulum Wall

      55% Aluminium 43.4% Zinc 1.6% Silicon Coated sheet steel. Positive corrosion resistant, strong tolerance of heat, attractive and durable. 3-6 times more corrosion resistant than regular zinc coated steel sheet.

3. Electronic De-scaling

      Anti-scaling, De-scaling, Sterilization & algae removal over 98% of water scale inhibition and prevention and over 95% of sterilization & algae removal.


4. Water Circulating Pump

      High efficiency Siemens drive motor.


5. Patented Spray Nozzle

      Anti clogging,Scale-free, non-corrosive, unequaled coil coverage, Maintenances free.


6. Condensing Coils

      Unique Design, high efficiency heat exchange process,single run coil reduce weilds and leaks.


7. Detachable Drift Eliminator

      Non corrosive PVC. Patented design.


8. Air Inlet Louver

      Petented Design corrosion-free PVC, minimizes splash out and reduces the potential for algae formation inside the condenser.