Shell & Tube

Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers

A shell and tube heat exchanger is a class of heat exchanger. It is the most common type of heat exchanger user in all major industries like, oil refineries, Petrochemical, chemical, STHE is suited for higher-pressure applications. As its name implies, this type of heat exchanger consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows thought the shell and it transfers heat between each other. Platex® India is expect in design, manufacturing of shell & tube heat Exchangers in smooth tube and corrugated tube patterns: customized to any application.

Hx can be designed based on the customer requirement or it manufactured based on drawing available with the user. One to one replacement of heat exchanger is also possible by doing a site visit and taking physical dimensions.

The He designed as per GEP, TEMA, ASME, PED, BS 5500, CE.

We use software to design the heat exchanger, to precisely endure thermal calculations and mechanical construction.

Platex® can design and manufactured heat exchanger from 1 m² to 400 m² Heat Transfer Area.

Platex® can also supply HX with ASME & U-Stamp.