Dust Collector

Platex offers fully customised Dust Collectors that suit the specific needs of your manufacturing process. From highly critical fine dust filtration in manufacturing of power turbines to filtering cement dust from the entire factory for a precast slab manufacturer, the centralised dust collectors from Platex have been serving a wide range of applications. Our end-to-end support includes everything, starting from process study, detail ducting layout to installation, commissioning and maintenance, as per the need. With over 100 installations of dust collectors across multiple industries, Platex has a proven record in developing a single point solution to filter large scale dust generation from multiple sources.



Dry Machining Applications such as Grinding, Buffing, Laser/Plasma | Cutting, Polishing etc. | Graphite Machining | Bench/Tool Cutter | Precast Slab Cutting | Abrasive Cut-off machines | Rubber Mills | Woodworking

  • Energy Efficient
  • Efficient Ducting Design
  • Superior Filtration
  • Lower Maintance



Complete solution to meet occupational, health and safety requirements

We has rich experience of providing dust collection solutions for automotive processes, composite dusts, welding smoke and many more. Our comprehensive range of highly reliable, durable and rugged dust collectors to keep your operations clean and smooth. Our solutions are recognised for highly effective filtration across all kinds of environments starting from heavy loads of dust to thin dust collections or product reclaims.

Why Dust Collectors Required?

  • Dust has a tendency to settle on the walls, floor etc. and increases maintenance
  • Dust, especially fine dust, often finds its way into sensitive devices and can cause temporary or permanent damage

Dust And Fume Collectors