1. Maintenance of Cooling Towers.

      Since the process fluid of a closed loop system is completely isolated from the environment, routine maintenance is only required on the heat rejection equipment itself. The need to shut down the system periodically to clean the heat exchanger is dramatically reduced, if not entirely eliminated. Providing clean process fluid to the system will extend the life of other components in the system (condenser bundles, compressors, etc.).

2. Water Treatment of Cooling Towers.

      Maintaining proper process fluid quality in a system may involve several steps, such as chemical treatment, filtration equipment and the addition of clean make-up water. A closed circuit cooling tower can provide the following advantages over an open cooling tower:

  • Lower volume of recirculating water to treat
  • Process loop requires minimal treatment
  • During periods of dry operation, the need for make-up water is eliminated

1. Maintenance of Evaporative Condenser.

      Available with multiple equipment options to aid in the maintenance of the condenser.

  • External Service Platform
  • Ladder
  • Hinged Louver Door
  • Sump Sweeper Piping
  • Motor Davit with Base
  • Side access door for easy online inspection & maintenance
  • Electronic De-scaling device for trouble free operation
  • Direct Drive Axial fan arrangement ensures lowest inventory