Range of HEPA Filters with Housing.

We supplied side access filter housings feature the most complete line of containment systems with industrial HEPA filters. Find solutions for any application with a wide variety of choices such as:

• Materials of construction

• Capacity : 2000 CFM upto 20,000 CFM

• Optional Bag‐In‐bag‐Out feature

• DOP injection provision

• Acrylic Inspection window

• Housing Reinforced to take negative pressure upto ‐2000 mm WC

• Indoor or outdoor

• Efficiency

• Temperature rating

HEPA filters are factory tested to meet necessary regulatory requirements for applications in hospitals, biotechnology, biomedical, laboratories, food processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor fabrication, and more. A Bag-In/Bag-Out (BIBO) option is available for applications where containment is required.