Through the proper application of the Dye Penetrant and Integrity tests, the Plate Heat Exchanger Reconditioning / cleaning process is substantively enhanced. At PLATEX INDIA these two important testing procedures are included at additional cost.
Dye penetrant testing is a crucial initial step in the “Refurbishment” cleaning process. Fifteen percent (15%) of all plates in the unit pack should be tested using this method. The 15% sample should include only plates that have the “worst” apparent visible condition. Dye penetrant “dual compound” is applied to both sides of the tested plate surfaces. A technician then examines the surfaces to find any appearing targets that either locate or confirm that there are no:

1) Inclusions
2) cracks,
3) pin holes
4) fractures
5) erosion 
6) fissures 

Through this testing method, costly breakdowns can be avoided when the unit is brought back into operation. Integrity testing is the other recommended testing procedure to insure the plate pack will properly seal and avoid leaks when the unit is closed and brought back into operation.