Co2 Cooling System

Refrigeration Equipment

PLATEX offers of a wide of refrigeration equipment including rack systems, airside heat exchange and evaporative condenser.

PLATEX specialise in the design of energy efficient, enviornmentally friendly solutions for the retail, food process, manufacturing, distribution, and wine industries.

System types includes, Optimized HFC System, Cascade CO2 systems, Transcritical CO2 systems, NH3 systems.

Energy Efficiency

The refrigeration plant and equipment is usually the largest consumer of electricity in retail or process/distribution facilities.

Electricity consumption can increase dramatically when refrigeration plant and equipment is poorly installed, commissioned, serviced or maintained.

PLATEX Refrigeration Consulting offers the following services to optimize your plant efficiency and lower your enviornmental impact.

  • Final inspection and testing of new plant and equipment.
  • Energy efficiency comparisons of various.
  • System types to assist clients with purchasing decisions.
  • Onsite troubleshooting and recommissioning of existing plant to optimize the efficiency.
  • Service and maintainance contract performance monitoring.